Maximize your eshop's potential with the wisdom of your most treasured asset: Your customers!
Maximize your eshop's potential with the wisdom of your most treasured asset: Your customers!
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We don’t just measure speed

Unleash the Power of Speed for Your Shop’s Success!

Imagine recommending a cafe to a friend – you’d likely choose one that’s nearby and convenient, right? In the digital realm, search engines think similarly. When deciding which product or service to showcase, they don’t just consider quality or price. Speed is of the essence! If you and a competitor offer the same product, with identical images, descriptions, or prices, search engines will weigh in on your site’s performance speed.

The faster the site, the higher the recommendation. Why? Because search engines prioritize their users’ satisfaction. They’d rather whisk users off to a site that delivers swiftly, instead of one that makes them twiddle their thumbs in anticipation.

Ready to outpace your rivals? We’re here to turbocharge your site and propel you to the front! πŸš€


Elevate Your Site Beyond Just Speed – Dive into an Immersive User Experience!

First thing first: Get your metrics right

Diving beyond mere download speeds, we offer a thorough evaluation of your entire site’s user experience. We meticulously measure and explain your site’s metrics, helping your team understand their relevance and how they fare against industry benchmarks. Beyond just skimming the surface, we take you on a detailed journey through your site, from the homepage to category and product pages, highlighting key areas of focus.

Assessing the Speed Potential of Current Tools and Themes

Sometimes, the culprit behind a laggy site might be an outdated theme or plugin. A poorly-optimized theme, even if showcased with a moderate score by the vendor, might be the anchor dragging down the performance of your bustling store. We’re here to advise on what’s achievable and realistic for your setup.

Enhancing Functionalities Beyond Just Page Load Speeds

It’s not just about page loads. Critical site interactions like ‘add-to-cart’, seamless searches, and efficient product filtering can be stumbling blocks for many online stores. We have an eagle eye on these crucial touchpoints, ensuring they run like clockwork. Plus, we’ll spotlight essential features you might be missing, from Single Sign-On to the swift convenience of Google Address Autocomplete at checkout.

Assess other inconsistencies in your website

True harmony in design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an essential component of user experience. Every user, whether consciously or subconsciously, notices and appreciates a cohesive, consistent, and harmonious design. Don’t underestimate your audience; even the tiniest detail doesn’t go unnoticed. A streamlined and consistent user interface is pivotal. Oversized images, inconsistent fonts, visual clutter, and extraneous elements can detract from both the look and the function of your site. While you may be deeply attached to your site’s current design, an objective revamp can elevate it, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and optimal performance.

The Objective Audit by AI Optimizer delivers actionable insights