Maximize your eshop's potential with the wisdom of your most treasured asset: Your customers!
Maximize your eshop's potential with the wisdom of your most treasured asset: Your customers!

AI Powered Product Recommendations

Offer to your clients the choices they love most!


Provide the most relevant recommendations for your products

Imagine investing heavily in Google and Facebook Ads, only to have your potential customers greeted with mismatched recommendations or, worse, none at all. No more missed opportunities!

With the AI Optimizer, every inch of your product catalogue is meticulously analyzed alongside past orders, ensuring the perfect product recommendations every time.

And the best part? In WooCommerce, you can upload these spot-on Upsells and Cross Sells with a single click!

Think of the countless hours saved and the peace of mind knowing you’re offering the absolute best recommendations. The future of efficient e-commerce is here!


Explore your products, orders and clients in 3D and discover hidden gems in your eshop!

Get your optimal recommendations

Navigating 0-data point recommendations can feel like taking a shot in the dark. But fear not! Cutting-edge AI algorithms are here to light your way, offering spot-on recommendations by fusing the rich history of your shop with the pulse of current trends.

Get and monitor your most valuable products

Ever wondered about the treasures hidden within those single-item orders or the products that consistently lead or close the sales dance in your customers’ carts? We unveil these secrets, presenting them in a sleek, intuitive interface, ready to amplify your propositions.

Find purchasing patterns of your clients to optimize messaging

Gone are the days when only industry giants could decode the seasonal rhythms of products and customer preferences. With our tools, even SMEs can unlock powerful insights into customer behavior and align their messaging for maximum impact.

Monitor the efficiency of or recommendations

And the cherry on top? Our recommendations come integrated with GA4 (gtm) codes, ensuring every view and cart addition is right there on your GA4 dashboard. Plus, with the AI Optimizer dashboard, you’re always in the know about sales from recommended products. Dive into a data-driven future with us!

With AI eshop-optimizer your are back in control!