Maximize your eshop's potential with the wisdom of your most treasured asset: Your customers!
Maximize your eshop's potential with the wisdom of your most treasured asset: Your customers!

About Us


Driven by Values

The genesis of AI e-shop Optimizer can be traced back to the challenging days of the pandemic.

What began as a gesture to lend our expertise to friends in distress quickly unveiled a broader realization: Insights that seemed evident to us, like the direct correlation between site speed and sales – beyond just search engine preferences – were revelations for many merchants. Recognizing that many lacked the resources or knowledge to capitalize on these insights spurred us to action.

From optimizing a single friend’s site, our reach expanded as more entrepreneurs sought our expertise. In no time, what was initially an act of goodwill transformed into a flourishing venture.

At its core, AI e-shop Optimizer embodies our dedication to amplifying the effects of every effort made. Our WooCommerce Plugin, though just the starting point, is a testament to our commitment to redefining e-commerce, ensuring merchants everywhere can harness the power of technology and insights to thrive.


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We Define Ourselves by Our Work

In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, our client experienced an unprecedented surge in sales during the COVID lockdowns, a phenomenon many e-merchants resonated with. Yet, as the pandemic’s grip on retail began to loosen, their sales plummeted back to their prior levels.

Recognizing an opportunity to enhance their online presence, they reached out to us in January 2022. We embarked on a thorough audit and optimization of their platform, chronicling our journey and findings on our space on By March 1st, 2022, the revamped site was live, and the results were immediate and overwhelmingly positive. It’s noteworthy to mention that from March to July 2022, the site faced penalties from Google due to migration-related bad links. Yet, even with these hurdles, the net positive impact per user session skyrocketed by over 100%.

To put it succinctly, during lockdown when the customers had no other available options but to buy the products online, a maximum of $0.80 turnover/visit was reached (versus the usual $0.25-0.30/visit). Following our optimization the income has increased to $0.78/visit – close to the “theoretical maximum

This exemplifies the value and transformation we offer. Imagine what we could achieve together for your business.



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Crafting the Future of E-commerce: Our Vision, Mission, and Approach

Our Mission

Empowering e-shops with cutting-edge technology and insights, we bridge the gap between business ambitions and user expectations. Our goal is to transform the digital marketplace into a more efficient, user-friendly space, where every interaction counts, and every second matters

Our Vision

Envisioning a future where e-commerce is redefined by speed, intelligence, and seamless user experiences. Through our innovative solutions, we aim to set new benchmarks in e-shop performance and customer satisfaction, making online shopping a delight for all.

Our Work Process

1. Insight Gathering: We start by understanding your e-shop’s unique strengths and challenges, aligning them with our mission to bridge the gap between business ambitions and user expectations.

2. Comprehensive Analysis: Utilizing advanced tools and techniques, we dissect every essential section of your website, assessing metrics, functionalities, and tools. Our commitment is to offer more than just speed; we aim for excellence.

3. Intelligent Recommendations: Harnessing the power of AI, our optimizer examines your product catalog, past orders, and current market trends. By doing so, we ensure that every recommendation isn’t just relevant but optimal, reflecting our vision of a seamlessly efficient e-commerce world.

4. Seamless Integration & Application: In line with our mission to make online interactions count, we facilitate easy integrations with platforms like Woocommerce. Every enhancement, from product recommendations to site performance tweaks, is implemented with precision.

5. Continuous Monitoring & Feedback: Our work doesn’t end with implementation. We believe in the power of continuous improvement. Through in-built tracking tools, we keep an eye on every recommendation, ensuring you always stay ahead in the competitive market.

6. 3D Exploration & Unveiling Insights: We provide a vibrant 3D view of your products, orders, and clientele, offering a new perspective on your business and unveiling hidden opportunities. It’s all part of our vision to redefine e-commerce with unparalleled user experiences.

7. Results & Transformation: Ultimately, our process culminates in transforming your e-shop into a high-performing platform. We celebrate your success as a reflection of our expertise and dedication to our vision of a delightful online shopping future for all.

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